Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion is episode 7 of season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.


The future Tuxedo Mask, who appears as a projection of his soul, reveals himself to be King Endymion, Mamoru's future self. He further reveals that Neo Queen Serenity is Usagi's future self, and Chibiusa is their daughter.

Endymion explains how Neo Queen Serenity was encased in the Silver Crystal, which protected her from a giant explosion. Chibiusa and her cat Diana, revealed to be Luna and Artemis' daughter, survived. He further explains how the Silver Crystal gave Serenity and the other people on Earth long lifespans and brought about peace until the day the explosion brought about the Black Crystal, which began draining lives one at a time. He then explains the origins of Black Moon who fought against those with long lifespans and hijacked the abandoned planet of Nemesis as their headquarters, and he learned from the others' information that they are also planning to take over the Earth of the past.

Noticing that Usagi and Mamoru can't stay in the future for too long, Endymion informs them that the captured Senshi are most likely on Nemesis, and he has Sailor Pluto give Usagi a key so that they can freely travel between times.After returning to her time, Usagi is still jealous over Mamoru's insistent protection of Chibiusa.

As Chibiusa pays a visit to the future on her own, she is targeted by Esmeraude, with Usagi discovering she can't use her Silver Crystal's power while in the future. Despite Mamoru managing to defeat Esmeraude with help from King Endymion with the Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber. Prince Demande suddenly appears and uses the power of his invincible evil sight to capture Usagi.


Character(s) Japanese Voice English Voice
Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon / Neo-Queen Serenity Kotono Mitsuishi Stephanie Sheh
Sailor Venus Shizuka Ito Cherami Leigh
Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask / King Endymion Kenji Nojima Robbie Daymond
Chibiusa Tsukino Misato Fukuen Sandy Fox
Sailor Pluto Ai Maeda Veronica Taylor
Luna Ryo Hirohashi Michelle Ruff
Artemis Youhei Oobayashi Johnny Yong Bosch
Diana Shoko Nakagawa Debi Derryberry
Prince Demande Mamoru Miyano Matt Mercer
Rubeus Hiroki Takahashi Steve Staley
Esmeraude Houko Kuwashima Rena S. Mandel
Wiseman Hiroshi Iwasaki Steve Kramer