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Berthier is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.  


Berthier has white hair that is braided into a ponytail and sky blue eyes. She wears a sky blue leotard and matching thigh-high boots, with her hands wrapped in blue bandage gloves. She has Black Crystal earrings and the Black Moon symbol on her forehead.


Berthier is a member of the Black Moon Clan. She is the second youngest of the Spectre Sisters and the second sister to confront the Sailor Senshi. Berthier claims she is an expert dowser.

Mission - Code 002 Operation Re-move. Planes to remove unpleasant pieces

Act 15

When Rubeus summons his faithful servants the four Spectre Sisters, Koan senses a strong aura of sympathy surrounding the Silver Crystal.

Act 16

Berthier wishes to be the next Spectre Sister to serve Prince Demande and take on the Sailor Guardian with the power of water because she feels the presence of the Rabbit close to Ami Mizuno and is sure the Silver Crystal is with her too.

Berthier appears to ridicule the method in which Ami found the problem with the pipes at school, bragging that she would use a pendulum to dowse for water.

A Television Interviewer from WCC (World Chess Championship) interviews Berthier about how she is ranked the third best chess player in the world and being a professional dowser. Berthier combines dowsing with chess by moving pieces wherever her pendulum swings towards a space. Ami along with Usagi Tsukino and Naru Osaka are watching the interview from a Heath Club when Berthier challenges junior chess champion Ami to an individual chess match, which she accepts.

Ami makes a deal with Berthier that whoever captures the others king gets whatever she wants. If Ami was to win Berthier would return Sailor Mars and if Berthier was to win she would get Chibiusa. Throughout the match Berthier uses her pendulum which is made from Evil Black Crystal and is able to read Ami's mind. She distracts Ami by taunting her. Ami manages to re-focuses which makes Berthier angry and Ami wins the match. When Ami demands she return Sailor Mars, Berthier takes the fight outside. After Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury, Berthier does a one handed handstand and uses her power to send out a wave of rippling water. She demands to know where Chibiusa is while Sailor Mercury is being strangled by the power which turns into a water sphere that never runs dry. Berthier is destroyed by Sailor Moon when she uses her Moon Princess Halation attack.

Act 18

Calaveras evokes the spirits of her fallen sisters emerge from the Sailor Guardians friends. Koan emerges from Kotono Sarashina, Petz emerges from Ittou Asanuma and Berthier emerges from Naru. Sailor Venus uses her newest attack Rolling Heart Vibration against the spirits but the power goes right through them. The four Spectre Sisters use Spirit Energy Attack against Sailor Venus, which makes her body begin to tear apart.