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Black Moon Arc is Season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.  


A few weeks after the obliteration of Queen Metaria and her bewitched Earth minions, the five Sailor Soldiers' are living a time of peace and harmony. Usagi receives a brand new transformation item from the ghostly spirit of Queen Serenity and transforms into a even stronger version of her standard Sailor form. She also obtains a much stronger mystical scepter to defeat any new enemies she might encounter: The Cutie Moon Rod, whose purifying/destroying moon-based attack is Moon Princess Halation.

As their regular and basic transformation pens were destroyed during their final showdown with Queen Metalia, AmiReiMakoto and Minako are each given the much stronger and more powerful Star Power Sticks by Luna, as well as newer wristwatch communicators. Usagi and Mamoru have now grown closer in an official romantic relationship, but are interrupted by a young, bright pink-haired girl falling from the sky from a mysterious portal. This girl, calling herself "Usagi," demands the vastly powerful Silver Crystal from Usagi. Unfortunately, the Black Moon clan have arrived on Earth and are after Chibiusa (whom they refer to as "the Rabbit") in order to obtain the legendary Silver Crystal of the future and destroy it, as it is no match for the increasingly vast amounts of evil energies from the Malefic Black Crystal that they possess. To accomplish this, they seek to abduct Chibiusa for their own purposes.

Things get more and more difficult and uncertain when Sailor MarsSailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter are all abducted and taken to planet Nemesis as captives. Fortunately, with the help of Chibiusa and another Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon and her closest friends' go the future to learn more about the Black Moon and what are their ultimate goals involving Chibiusa and the all-powerful Silver Crystal are.


  1. Act 14. Conclusion and Commencement, Petite Étrangere
  2. Act 15. Infiltration, Sailor Mars
  3. Act 16. Abduction, Sailor Mercury
  4. Act 17. Secret, Sailor Jupiter
  5. Act 18. Invasion, Sailor Venus
  6. Act 19. Time Warp, Sailor Pluto
  7. Act 20. Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion
  8. Act 21. Complication, Nemesis
  9. Act 22. Hidden Agenda, Nemisis
  10. Act 23. Covert Maneuvers, Wiseman
  11. Act 24. Attack, Black Lady
  12. Act 25. Showdown, Death Phantom
  13. Act 26. Replay, Never Ending