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Disguise Pen is an item in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Usagi receives her Disguise Pen from the Sailor V video game machine in the Game Center Crown, so she could disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily

While she looks like the person she wants to be, she also apparently gains the knowledge of whoever she changes into. Usagi would transform using her "Moon Power" and shouting out "Change" to what ever she wants to be.


Disguise Pen is a bright pink pen with a golden ring around its middle. On the top, it has a golden base with a golden piece that resembles a crown with small red gems around it, and a large red gem in the middle.


  • A doctor in episode 2 - Moon Power Change me into a doctor
  • A stewardess in episode 3
  • A princess episode 4 - Moon Power Change me into a princess
  • An Umbrella episode 4 - The pen itself transformed into the umbrella
  • A Mugen Academy student act 27 - Moon Power Change me into a student of Mugen Academy