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Esmeraude is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Long, light green hair and light brown eyes. Wears a short sleeveless black dress with matching gloves and boots. Her accessories include black crystal earrings, an emerald necklace, and an emerald bracelet


Esmeraude is a member of the Black Moon Clan. She is a servant to Prince Demande and working with Rubeus.

Mission - Code Extra Operation Re-lax. With the help of Beast Hand granted to her by Wiseman, she will deliver Sailor Moon, Chibiusa Tsukino and the Legendary Silver Crystal on a silver platter for her Prince.

Act 15

Prince Demande toasts to the restoration, a rewrite of the past to make all as it should be with Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus. 

Act 18

Esmeraude comments on why Prince Demande worships Wiseman.

Act 19

Prince Demande, Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus witness the creation of a time warp separate from the space-time route to go to and from Nemesis, with multiple energies. When Wiseman believes the moment has come to strike down the Silver Crystal and its heir along with the impregnable castle, Esmeraude takes the assignment. She wants to personal present the sleeping beauty and ruler of the palace to whom Prince Demande so desires. Esmeraude summons Chiral and Achiral the Boule Brothers to help with her task.

When Esmeraude arrives to the battle she wants to bury Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Chibiusa Tsukino, Luna and Artemis who have all been immobilised at an atomic level by the Boule Brothers Electrochemical Side Chain.

After her underlings are destroyed, Esmeraude makes her escape.

Act 20

While gazing at an image of Neo-Queen Serenity, Esmeraude spies on Prince Demande until she is caught by Rubeus. When Rubeus grabs Esmeraude from behind Prince Demande notice them. Esmeraude begs for one more chance to show Prince Demande what she can really do now that she has a gift granted to her by Wiseman.

Luna-P alerts Chibiusa to the presence of Esmeraude, who grabs her by the throat with her Beast Hand. Sailor Venus attacks with her Venus Love-Me Chain and Esmeraude drops Chibiusa who Tuxedo Mask manages to catch. Esmeraude removes an earring and uses it like a grenade on her enemies. She grabs Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask and begins to suck their energy. Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion perform Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber together and destroy Esmeraude.


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