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Female Instructor is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Female Instructor is the second Youma, created by Jadeite to gather energy from humans and search for the Silver Crystal.

She infiltrates at Crystal Seminar by becoming a teacher, she was sent by the Dark Kingdom to steal energy from the students with the Crystal Disk.

Standing outside advertising for the elite school, she hands out flyers including one to Usagi Tsukino and another to Mamoru Chiba. She calls out to passersby to join Crystal Seminar, no enrolment fee, earn higher marks so you can achieve your potential. Have fun studying with a state of the art computer learning program.

While Ami Mizuno is at Crystal Seminar her teacher gives her a computer disk to study and instructs her to use it everyday so she can be a role model to other students.  

The next day, Ami's teacher pushes a hypnotised Ami to work harder and faster on a computer disk especially designed for her. When her teacher sees Ami's pen, she considers it a distraction and throws it away so Ami can focus on her work.

When Usagi comes across a brainwashed Ami and her instructor, Usagi announces she cracked the brainwashing program and the instructor changes into her monster form. After Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, the Youma begins firing papers at her. Sailor Moon uses her supersonic waves but they don't work on her. The Youma fires a lot more papers at Sailor Moon until she is pinned against a wall and can't move. Ami snaps herself out of being brainwashed, transforms into Sailor Mercury and uses her Mercury Aqua Mist attack on the Youma. Tuxedo Mask rescues Sailor Moon just as the Youma is about to slice Sailor Moon with her razor sharp claws. After a few encouraging words from Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with her Moon Tiara Boomerang attack.


Human Form

She has long red hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears white earrings and has red eyes. She wears a grey jacket over a white blouse and blue vest with a grey skirt.

Youma Form

She has long white hair tied back into a bun. She wears white earrings and has red eyes. Her clothing is unchanged but she grows fangs, long claws and pointed ears.