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Kuri is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.  


Kuri is a fourteen year old eighth grader who is a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School in class 1. She is friends with fellow classmates Yumiko, Usagi Tsukino, Naru Osaka and Umino Gurio.

Act 1 - Kuri is smart, she did well on the recent test. After Yumiko begins a discussion about the recent jewellery store robberies, Umino tells her, Usagi, Naru and Yumiko about how the famous heroine Sailor V has been fighting evil all over town. Naru tells the girls about the huge sale her mother is having at her shop where some of the items will be in their price range, they all decide to attend the sale after school.  

The next day at school Naru recalls the events of the night before to Yumiko and Kuri. 

Act 2 - When Usagi, Naru, Yumiko and Kuri begin to discuss current test scores, Umino gossips about new student Ami Mizuno. Kuri starts to attend the elite cram school Crystal Seminar.  

When Naru invites Kuri to join her, Yumiko and Usagi for ice cream after school Kuri ignores her while rambling off random numbers to herself. 

Act 3 - Umino spreads a rumour to Naru, Yumiko and Kuri; Anybody riding the Red 66 bus is cursed by disappearing forever. Kuri believes the bus driver is death himself and Umino adds their final destination is hell. 

Act 4 - Naru and Kuri tell Usagi about Princess D from the Kingdom of D is visiting Japan. Princess D will reveal her secret treasure that will be shown for the first time at a dinner party during her Masquerade ball. 

Act 6 - While at school Naru, Umino, Yumiko and Kuri discuss a news report about Tuxedo Mask issuing a statement to the media claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to obtain a lost treasure known as the Legendary Silver Crystal that is said to be somewhere in Japan.  

Act 7 - While visiting Rental Shop Dark, Naru runs into Yumiko and Kuri renting movies. Naru is currently going through a romance movie phase while Kuri can't make up her mind because the store is huge.  

Act 10 - At the arcade Usagi, Yumiko and Kuri watch Naru play video games.  

Act 14 - At school Naru, Yumiko and Kuri wish Usagi a good morning.  


Kuri has short purple hair and violet eyes. When not in her school uniform, she wears short sleeved yellow top with a white collar.


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