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Luna is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Luna is a black cat with pink ears, red eyes, sleek fur and a crescent moon on her forehead. She is very petite with long whiskers.


Luna is Usagi's talking black guardian cat, as well as her and the other Sailor Senshi's adviser.

Act 1 - While hurrying to school, Usagi accidentally steps on a black cat. She picks it up and peels off the band-aids that it has on its forehead. Usagi stares at the cat until she hears the school bell and leaves. Luna begins to follow Usagi. Usagi sees the cat again later the same day while at the arcade.

That night Luna comes into Usagi's bedroom window and wakes up Usagi. She introduces herself as Luna and thanks Usagi for removing the band-aids which were disabling her ability to speak and disrupted her ability to search. Usagi thinks she is still asleep and dreaming of a talking cat. Luna gives Usagi a gift in the form of a brooch. Luna reveals to Usagi that she is destined to become the Sailor Guardian known to all as Sailor Moon. Luna discloses the missions that she as Sailor Moon must complete. Other than defeating the enemy, she must find the other chosen Sailor Guardians, and find their missing Princess. Luna tells Usagi to call out the phrase needed to activate her transformation sequence; Moon Prism Power, Make Up.

When Sailor Moon needs to know the next step when fighting Morga, Luna advises her throw her tiara and call out the phrase Moon Tiara Boomerang.

Act 2 - Luna explains to Usagi that their enemy is not human but evil forces that are not supposed to exist in this world. Luna visits headquarters to look up Ami Mizuno's profile after getting a strange vibe from her.

After Usagi and Luna discover the disk Ami left behind has a hidden brainwashing message, Usagi realises Ami is in trouble. When she and Luna arrive at Crystal Seminar, Luna explains that the pen Usagi got from the arcade is able to disguise Usagi using her Moon Power. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon in front of Ami when Luna says it's okay to do so. After the Planetary Symbol for Mercury glows on Ami's forehead, Luna tells Ami she is a Sailor Guardian and to use her pen to save Sailor Moon by transforming into Sailor Mercury by calling out the phrase Mercury Power, Make Up.

Act 3 - Luna meets Usagi and Ami at the arcade. Luna explains to Ami that their mission is to find and protect the Princess and the Silver Crystal. Luna thinks Rei Hino could be the Princess they are searching for. On the bus from Juban Inari, Luna explains to Usagi that the watches she won are actually communicators.

After Usagi uses her disguise power to change into a flight attendant, she jumps onto the back of the demon bus and let's go of Luna. Tuxedo Mask catches Luna and they watch as the bus Usagi jumped onto completely vanishes through a wall. Luna contacts Ami in order to track Usagi's whereabouts.

When Luna and Ami try to track Usagi's location using her new communicator they find the signal is too weak and need Usagi to transform then they will be able to teleport directly to Sailor Moon's location.

After the Planetary Symbol for Mars glows on Rei's forehead, Luna throws Rei the Mars transformation pen and tells her to transform into Sailor Mars by calling out the phrase Mars Power, Make Up.

Act 4 - Luna is suspicious of Mamoru Chiba, wondering if he is a friend or an enemy. At the meeting at the arcade, Luna explains the key to finding their Princess and the Silver Crystal lies with the Sailor Guardians. Once all the Sailor Guardians have awaken the seal protecting the Princess from her enemies will be broken, the Princess will awaken and they will know the whereabouts of the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Usagi uses her disguise power to change in a princess to attend Princess D's masquerade ball at the embassy with Luna, Ami and Rei. When they arrive the guard at the gate reveals that pets are not allowed, there fore Luna must stay outside.

Luna sneaks in through the balcony. When a possessed Princess D announces to the ballroom guests if anyone tries to stop her they will be offered as a sacrifice to the Great Ruler, Luna suggests she and Usagi get out of the room quick. They exit the room just as Princess D emits a blue light that knocks out everyone in ballroom. When Usagi is pushed off over the balcony and Tuxedo Mask grabs her but begins to slip, so Luna yells to Usagi to use her disguise pen.

To release the Princess D, who is possessed by a dark spectre, Luna tells Sailor Moon to use her new tiara to reflect the moonlight onto the shadow of Nephrite. After the fight Luna witnesses Tuxedo Mask kissing a slumbering Sailor Moon. Luna demands Tuxedo Mask to stop kissing Sailor Moon, and wishes to know who he really is. Before he flees, Tuxedo Mask informs Luna he too is searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal and he could be an enemy.

Act 5 - When Usagi and Ami meet Rei at Hikawa Shrine, Luna advises them they need to investigate the rumour about a ghost bride and the haunted Bridal Shop. That night when Tuxedo Mask arrives at Usagi's window and whisks her away, Luna contacts Ami and Rei.

After the Planetary Symbol for Jupiter glows on Makoto Kino's forehead, Luna tosses her the Jupiter transformation pen and she transform into Sailor Jupiter by calling out the phrase Jupiter Power, Make Up.

At the completion of the battle, Luna appears in front of the four Sailor Guardians and presents Sailor Moon with the Moon Stick and advisers Sailor Moon is to take her place as their leader.

Act 6 - While at Usagi's Home sitting with Ikuko Tsukino, Luna watches a report on TV about Tuxedo Mask issuing a statement to the media claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to obtain a lost treasure known as the Legendary Silver Crystal said to be somewhere in Japan.

Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto meet Luna at the arcade where Luna informs them of her mission to awaken the Sailor Guardians. She was sent from the Moon Kingdom to set the Guardians on their mission. Luna shows them their secret headquarters where she has been doing research on the enemy. When Luna suggests it may be Tuxedo Mask who is controlling peoples minds, Usagi runs from HQ not believing he could be their enemy because Tuxedo Mask always comes to her rescue.

Act 7 - Luna and Sailor Venus discuss the Sailor Guardians having not fully regained their memories about their past lives via satellite at HQ. Later when Ami questions if Luna knows anything about Sailor Venus, Luna denies knowing anything.  While at the arcade Usagi, Ami and Luna place a DVD from Rental Shop Dark into a machine, that when played there's static and the machine spits the disc out.

Act 8 - Artemis explains to Luna that she has part of her memory sealed but now it's time for her to know the whole truth.

Act 9 - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Luna watch in disbelief as Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity.

Luna remembers when the Moon Kingdom feel she and Artemis were placed in suspended animation and part of her memory was sealed away. She slept for a long time.

When Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Luna and Artemis arrive to cheer up Usagi, Ikuko lets them know she hasn't come out of her room in a while. When they enter Usagi's room, they are shocked to see her hair.

Luna suggest they go to the moon to find the answers to their questions about where their enemy is located, who the enemy is and everything known about the Silver Crystal.

Act 10 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako meet Luna in the park at night so they can travel to the moon while it is full. Luna creates a beam inside the park fountain that will take them all to the moon. The Sailor Guardians hold hands in the fountain and teleport with Luna to the moon inside a shield they create. They land at 'Mare Serenitatis' aka 'The Sea of Serenity' and notice the moon is dark and quiet. They walk amongst the ruins of the Moon Castle to the Chamber of Prayer where only Queen Serenity herself was allowed to enter. After the Sacred Sword is pulled from the stone Queen Serenity's consciousness manifests and as she tells them the history of the Moon Kingdom their memories return and they see the Moon Kingdom as it once was. Luna along with the Sailor Guardians head back to Earth just as morning arrives.

The next day at HQ Luna discovers that the movement of the Earth's crust has been more active recently, Artemis adds that there's an unusual thermal reaction around the North Pole.

Act 11 - Tuxedo Mask wants to take Usagi back to the Dark Kingdom with him so Luna attacks him and he throws her across the room. 

Act 12 - When Artemis notices HQ is starting to collapse, Sailor Mercury creates Hyperspatial Sphere Generate which teleports Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Queen Beryl and Tuxedo Mask out of HQ while Luna and Artemis stay behind.

After Sailor Moon follows Tuxedo Mask through a portal to the Dark Kingdom, Luna and Artemis try to detect her position but something interrupts the sensors whenever they get close to a location.  

Luna contacts Sailor Moon to let her know that a fragment of the Silver Crystal went inside Tuxedo Mask's body and that's the reason why he is so powerful now. Luna adds in order to be rid of Queen Metalia forever the Silver Crystal must be whole and Sailor Moon must remove the part from Tuxedo Mask's body then combine it with the rest of the Silver Crystal to make it whole again. 

Act 13 - The Silver Crystal is made whole again and starts to grow inside the Dark Kingdom when Luna and Artemis arrive. Luna attacks Queen Metaria but is struck away. When Sailor Moon is sucked into Queen Metaria along with Tuxedo Mask and the Silver Crystal, Luna remembers Queen Serenity telling her to protect Princess Serenity forever. The Inner Senshi teleport from the Dark Kingdom leaving Artemis to console an injured Luna. Luna and Artemis teleport to the moon to the Chamber of Prayer and watch as Queen Metaria envelops the entire planet Earth. At the Chamber of Prayer, Luna begs to see Queen Serenity one more time so she can release the power of the moon to save Sailor Moon.  

Act 14 - Luna recalls a past memory of Queen Serenity telling her to offer a prayer to the Tower and the power of the moon will protect them. Luna realises Sailor Moon is praying so Luna prays too. When the moon begins to to emit a bright light, Sailor Moon uses the power of the moon light to finish off Queen Metaria for good and Artemis has a vision of Luna as Human Luna praying alongside Serenity. When Luna calls to Usagi to come to the moon, Usagi uses the Silver Crystal with her Moon Stick to teleport herself and Tuxedo Mask to the Moon. When Usagi opens her new brooch, Luna places the Silver Crystal inside.

Act 15 - When Chibiusa Tsukino uses Luna-P to hypnotise Ikuko, Kenji Tsukino, Shingo Tsukino, Usagi and Mamoru into believing she is part of the family, Luna knocks Usagi and Mamoru out of the way. Luna doesn't sense any strong hostility within Chibiusa.

Luna arrives at Fruits Parlor Crown bearing gifts; 4 new transformation pens called Star Power Sticks for Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako, and 5 new communicators for all the girls.

The next day at breakfast before she goes to Rei's School fair, Usagi yells at Chibiusa not to follow her and informs Luna to keep an eye on her. When Ikuko gives Luna a saucer of milk, Chibiusa runs off to Rei's School. Luna follows and arrives while the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask are fighting Koan.

Act 16 -  Sailor Moon suspects Chibiusa is a friend of their new enemy and starts yelling at her until Luna gets in the middle and Chibiusa runs away. Luna turns up at Mamoru's door wanting him to follow her to a park where they find Chibiusa and bring her back to his apartment. Luna contacts Ami, Makoto, Minako and Artemis at HQ with information after Chibiusa divulges personal details. The next day Mamoru brings Chibiusa and Luna back to Usagi's house.

Act 17 - While at Fruits Parlor Crown, Ittou Asanuma overhears Luna talking to Usagi and Mamoru. When Luna hits Luna-P it spits out a pink mist.

Act 18 - Luna arrives with Tuxedo Mask after the battle with Petz. When Tuxedo Mask notices a Black Crystal Earring was left behind, Luna asks Artemis to send a reinforced Petri dish around the earring.

Usagi, Minako, Mamoru and Luna walk from HQ to Usagi's house to confront Chibiusa about how knowledge of the Black Moon.

Minako, Luna and Artemis attend Calaveras seance session at the park. Chibiusa explains why she stole the Silver Crystal to Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Luna, Artemis and Tuxedo Mask after the battle with Calaveras.

Act 19 - Luna and Artemis conclude the Black Moon must also be from the future where Chibiusa is from. That night Luna dreams of a forgotten memory about a forbidden door and Queen Serenity telling her the door and its guardian.

The next day at the park near the fountain, Chibiusa uses her space-time Silver Key to open a time-warp that will take Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis and herself to the future. They all hold hands as Chibiusa calls out the incantation to activate the wormhole to the future. As they begin to travel through time they let go of Chibiusa's hand.

While Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis are lost between the past and future they search for Chibiusa. When Luna falls, Tuxedo Mask catches her by the tail. Sailor Moon is the first to see the Space-Time Door that Luna recognises. Sailor Pluto attacks them with her Dead Scream power. Luna now realises why Queen Serenity warned her to stay away from the Door. Just as Sailor Pluto is about to destroy them, Chibiusa intervenes. The team is shocked to find out that Chibiusa is a princess. Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis and Chibiusa leave behind Sailor Pluto as they enter the 30th century.

On the way to the Crystal Palace, they are stopped by Esmeraude's underlings the Boule Brothers. The Boule Brothers immobilise the team at an atomic level with their Electrochemical Side Chain. Tuxedo Mask frees them and he and Sailor Venus destroy Chiral and Achiral. Chibiusa leads the others inside the Crystal Palace to where her Mother, Neo-Queen Serenity sleeps encased within the Silver Crystal.

Act 20 - Luna is shocked to discover Diana is her and Artemis' future daughter. Together, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, Luna and Artemis discover the Black Moon's plan to travel into the past to change time and invade using the Evil Black Crystal.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Chibiusa, Luna and Artemis travel right back to where they started in the past.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis arrive when Chibiusa is attacked by Esmeraude

Act 21 - Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, Luna, Artemis and Diana discover Nemesis has disappeared from orbit again. When Sailor Venus suggest they need someone to use the Silver Crystal, Luna proposes Chibiusa. Luna inquires as to how and when the war with the Black Moon begun.  

Act 22 - When Luna and Artemis find the case file on Death Phantom, Artemis informs Sailor Venus.  

Sailor Venus waits with Sailor Pluto, King Endymion, Luna and Artemis at the Space-Time Door, when Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive.  

Act 23 - Luna uses Luna-P on Ikuko to alter her memories. After a shock-wave from the 30th century causes a a space-time distortion, Luna agree with Usagi that something is wrong and they need to return to the future.

Act 24 - Luna watches Sailor Moon emit a gentle power from the Silver Crystal as she fends off Death Phantom as he tries to crush the Crystal Palace.

Act 25 - Just as Prince Demande is about to bring the two crystals together, Luna helpless to stop him, Sailor Pluto commands time to stop. Usagi, Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis, King Endymion are released from the time freeze before time resumes and they gather around a weakened Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, Sailor Chibi Moon, Luna, Artemis and Diana get trapped in distorted space by Death Phantom. 

Act 26 - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion, Sailor Chibi Moon, Luna, Artemis and Diana return to 30th century Earth without Sailor Moon.  

Both Sailor Moon and Neo-Queen Serenity run to meet each other, those of the past and those of the future stand at a short distance from each other. Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, the future Inner Senshi, future Luna, future Artemis and Diana see off Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the past Inner Senshi, Luna and Artemis as they return to the 21st century.  

Act 27 Part 1 - Luna sits on the couch with Kenji when a news-report about a bizarre incident where student from Mugen Academy were attacked by an unidentified monster that could be a result of atavism.

After the fight Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, Luna and Artemis meet at HQ to discuss recent events seen to be surrounded around Mugen Academy. Luna inquires if everyone saw the news-report. She is positive the Daimon is an atavism. Everyone agrees with Minako when she announces they will have to investigate Mugen Academy as soon as possible.

Act 27 Part 2 - While at HQ Luna and Artemis do research on Sankakusu.

Act 28 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa meet at HQ where Luna and Artemis have been analysis the two unknown Sailor Guardians, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Luna is also suspicious of individuals Michiru Kaiou and Haruka Tenou. Luna explains Mugenzu and Mugen Academy are both owed by Professor Tomoe.