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Makoto Kino is the civilian identity of Sailor Jupiter.


Tall with wavy brown hair tied up into a ponytail, she has green eyes, and wears pink rose earrings.

At school, she wears her old school uniform, which consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt with a brown collar, brown laces up the front, and brown cuffs. A long brown skirt that reaches past her knees with a thin ribbon in the back and black shoes.


Makoto Kino is a fourteen year old eighth grader who's a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School in class 6. After Makoto's parents died in a plane crash, she moved to town and lives in an apartment on her own. Makoto loves plants, she is strong and is a gifted chef. Her favourite flower is the Sasanqua which reminds her of her sempai Nachogi. Usagi describes Makoto as a strong girl with many loves.

Act 4 - Makoto is first seen running as it starts to rain.

Act 5 - Makoto saves Usagi Tsukino from being hit by a car. Later at school, Usagi accidentally bumps into Makoto before running into a Teacher who inquires into why Makoto isn't wearing the correct school uniform. The Juban school uniform sizes are too small for her tall stature. At lunch break Usagi finds Makoto sitting alone and when Usagi goes to get a closer look some students playing nearby hit a baseball towards her. Makoto catches the baseball just before it hits Usagi in the face, and throws the ball back hard. Makoto offers Usagi some of her lunch which Usagi accepts and finds to be delicious. While talking with Usagi, Makoto receives a flash of the Moon Kingdom. Usagi brings Makoto to the arcade where she plays Sailor V video games. Makoto meets Motoki Furuhata for the first time. Usagi gives Makoto the nickname of Mako. When Motoki informs Usagi, Ami Mizuno and Makoto of a rumour he heard from a customer they go to the Bridal Shop and talk wedding dresses.

After being hypnotised by the ghost Bride, Motoki finds Makoto while she is walking home and hypnotises her. When Usagi arrives Motoki is draining the energy from Makoto.  

When Nephrite arrives to mock the foolish humans, Makoto regains consciousness in Bride's arms and recognises Sailor Moon as Usagi after Sailor Moon calls to her to not give up on love. When the Bride strikes down the Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars with a green energy blast, Makoto grabs her and tosses the Bride over her shoulder. She receives a vision of the Moon Kingdom again and the Planetary Symbol for Jupiter glows on her forehead. Luna throws the Jupiter Transformation Pen to Makoto and she calls out Jupiter Power, Make Up and transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

Act 6 - While walking to school with Ami and Makoto, Usagi bumps into Mamoru Chiba. A report on TV discloses Tuxedo Mask issuing a statement to the media claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to obtain a lost treasure known as the Legendary Silver Crystal said to be somewhere in Japan.

Usagi, Ami, Rei Hino and Makoto meet Luna at the arcade where Luna informs them of her mission to awaken the Sailor Guardians. After Usagi arrives home to find her mother hypnotised and frantically searching for the Silver Crystal, Luna contacts the other girls who are out on the street witnessing other hypnotised humans search for the Silver Crystal. They all meet up at the arcade again when there Luna shows them their secret headquarters where she has been doing research on the enemy. After Usagi leaves, Ami, Rei, Mako and Luna head to the TV station where Dr. Isono reveals herself to be Zoisite so the girls transform.   

Act 7 - When Usagi, Ami and Makoto are having lunch at school, Umino Gurio jumps out from behind the bushes acting creepy, he announces Sailor V is out and Sailor Moon is in now.   

When she discovers the DVD is actually a brainwashing program, Ami contacts Rei and Makoto. Both Rei and Makoto are surrounded by brainwashed humans trying to find and capture Sailor Moon in order to sacrifice her to the Dark Kingdom. Believing Usagi is in danger Ami, Rei and Makoto set out to find her after they transform.   

Act 8 - Makoto and the others listen to Minako Aino as she explains how she meet Artemis, became a Sailor Guardian and what she knows about their enemy.   

The next day when Minako runs into Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto on her way to fight Kunzite alone at Tokyo Tower, the girls invite her to dinner at Makoto's Apartment, where Makoto will cook for them. After Kunzite blacks out the entire city, Luna contacts the girls via Usagi's communicator so they can transform and investigate.   

Act 9 - When Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Luna and Artemis arrive to cheer up Usagi, Ikuko Tsukino lets them know she hasn't come out of her room in a while. When they enter Usagi's room, they are shocked to see her hair. Makoto holds up a mirror so Usagi can see while Minako styles Usagi's hair.   


Act 10 - At the arcade Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss going to the moon so they can unearth all its secrets. That night Makoto meets the other girls and Luna at the park so they can travel to the moon while it is full. Once Luna makes a beam that will take them to the moon, the team step into the fountain and transform.   

The next day at HQ Luna discovers that the movement of the Earth's crust has been more active recently, Artemis adds that there's an unusual thermal reaction around the North Pole, so the Sailor Guardians transform in order to investigate.   

Act 11 - Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Minako walk to Ami's Home for a sleepover.   

After Ami and Makoto see Reika Nishimura watching Motoki with Mamoru who is claiming to be Endou, they talk to her about what she knows. When Makoto confronts Mamoru he hypnotises her to gain entrance into the Sailor Guardians HQ. Makoto contacts the team and states there is an emergency. When they arrive Makoto tells Usagi to stay away from Endou because he is an enemy after the Silver Crystal. The HQ alarm sounds to alert them to an intruder inside HQ. When Makoto reaches for the Silver Crystal around Usagi's neck, Rei pushes Makoto to the ground.   

Act 14 - Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako awaken, Sailor Moon runs towards them and they have a group hug.   

Act 15 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss Chibiusa Tsukino at the Fruits Parlor Crown while eating sundaes. Luna arrives with new transformation pens for the Inner Senshi and communicators for all five girls. Makoto introduces Ittou Asanuma as a first year student at Moto-Azabu Private High School who is obsessed with Mamoru Chiba.

The next day when Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako arrive at T-A Academy for Girls, Rei informs them they have a new enemy. Makoto uses her Star Power Stick and calls out the phrase Jupiter Star Power, Make Up to transform into a stronger version of Sailor Jupiter.

Act 16 - Luna contacts HQ where Ami, Makoto, Minako and Artemis are to inform them what she has learnt about Chibiusa. Usagi, Makoto and Minako attend Ami's chess match against Berthier. When Ami wins the match, Ami follows Berthier outside while Usagi, Makoto and Minako are trapped inside with Droids.

Act 17 - Makoto like many other residents of Tokyo, has a cold. Minako's Star Stick alerts Minako and Makoto to someone playing the Sailor V video game. Usagi, Mamoru, Makoto, Minako and Motoki who are watching Chibiusa play the Sailor V video game are surprised at how good she is, achieving the highest score of all time. Mamoru takes Chibiusa home while Usagi, Makoto and Minako meet Luna and Artemis at HQ. Makoto recalls Berthier searching for "Rabbit" and concludes the Black Moon Clan are after Chibiusa.

Asanuma runs into Makoto who is giving off electric shocks. They walk to Makoto's apartment which is filled with plants. She offers him rose tea to help relax them. When Makoto turns on the TV a Newsreporter announces Tokyo is currently in storm-like heavy rains. Asanuma tells Makoto about the strange things that have been happening around him lately and how he believes her and the other girls to be aliens. Makoto explains Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako and herself are all normal human beings however they have special abilities. They have a destiny as Guardians and because of that destiny Ami and Rei were abducted, and are determined to save them whatever it takes. They're not scared to face anything no matter how dangerous. Asanuma promises he'll never tell anyone Makoto's secret. After Asanuma leaves Makoto so sick she faints.

A Droid clone breaks into Makoto's apartment and begins to strangle Makoto. She flips the clone and Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

Act 21 - Makoto awakens in the Darkness Chamber on Nemesis with Ami and Makoto after hearing Usagi's voice in her head. They are unsure what broke their transformations, where they are and for how long they've been there for. When Makoto suggests they transform, she calls out Jupiter Star Power, Make Up but they are unable to use their powers. All of a sudden they can't breath and begin losing energy.

Act 22 - Sailor Moon sends her excess power to Ami, Rei and Makoto. They are now able to transform with a hand from Sailor Moon.

Act 23 - Usagi wakes-up back in her room in the 21st century with Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and her mother standing over her. Makoto and the other girls are just as eager as Usagi to find Mamoru and Chibiusa. After the girls leave Usagi's house, a shock-wave from the 30th century is felt in the 21st Century, the girls return to check if Usagi is alright. Knowing something is wrong in the future the girls transform.

Act 26 - Asanuma is pleased to see Makoto again.

Act 27 Part 1 - Makoto meets Usagi, Ami, Rei and Minako at the arcade. While playing new video game 'Battle Lap' against Makoto, Usagi receives racing tips from Haruka Tenou. Both Makoto and Minako crush big time on Haruka thinking he is "so hot". As Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Naru and Mamoru are walking down the street, Umino suddenly appears from out of nowhere. When a Daimon appears, Makoto calls out Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up! for the first time to transform.

After the fight Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, Luna and Artemis meet at HQ to discuss recent events seen to be surrounded around Mugen Academy. Everyone agrees with Minako when she announces they will have to investigate Mugen Academy as soon as possible.  

Act 27 Part 2 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako investigate Mugan Academy. Makoto notices the winds aren't just caused by tall building canyons, it's agitated. She feels a storm coming. After Usagi uses her Disguise Pen and enters the school alone, Haruka warns Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako not to poke around. When a Daimon attacks Usagi and Chibiusa, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako hear their screams and come running. Unbeknown to them, as all 6 transform they are watched by Sailor NeptuneSailor Uranus and Hotaru Tomoe.  

Act 28 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa meet at HQ where Luna and Artemis have been analysis the two unknown Sailor Guardians.

While at the Fruits Parlor Crown Cafe, Makoto tells Usagi, Ami, Chibiusa and Minako how excited she is for Rei's upcoming birthday and wants to throw a big party to celebrate. When Minako informs Makoto that Rei is training in the mountains they decide to surprise Rei.  

Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako surprise Rei and throw her a birthday party. Makoto baked a cake, Minako brought Casa Blanca Lilies, Usagi brought a tea set and Ami got Rei a workbook to help prepare for exams. Makoto notices that just over the valley is Mugen Academy's training camp. The girls check out a Gymnasium in a nearby building owned by Mugen Academy where students are practising judo. When they are noticed by Haruka, he and Makoto spar together. When Eudial arrives the girls run off because they're not supposed to be there.  

That night Rei and Makoto investigate a light coming from the training camp. When they see Eudial trying to offer up the students as Hostes and Vessels, Rei and Makoto transform.