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Minako Aino is the civilian identity of Sailor Venus and Sailor V.


She has blue eyes and long blonde hair, wears red stud earrings and has her hair partial up with a red bow in it.


Minako Aino is a fourteen year old eighth grader who's a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

Act 8 - After telling the Sailor Guardians she is the Princess they have been searching for, Minako transforms from Sailor Venus into her civilian form. Minako along with Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, and Artemis meet Luna at Headquarters where she begins to explain what she has been up to and that she knows where the Legendary Silver Crystal is but can't tell them for their own safety.

Minako meet Artemis long before they all meet Luna and had no idea any other Sailor Guardians existed. Calling herself by the code name Sailor V, her and Artemis went around Tokyo solving mysterious crimes. As they collected more information they noticed a pattern, a dark shadow that was behind all the crimes and discovered that the dark shadow was the Dark Kingdom. Ruled or rather controlled by a powerful evil (Queen Metaria) that emerged from the darkness. The Sailor Guardians managed to lock Queen Metaria away after she destroyed the Moon Kingdom but something broke the seal and now she is free again.This time the Sailor Guardians must seal her away forever in order to guarantee that this tragedy will never happen again.

After leaving HQ, Minako discusses with Artemis that the other girls will soon regain their sealed memories and Minako has a solo mission that only she can carry out.

Kunzite believing Minako is the Moon Princess, sends her a message to meet him at the Tokyo Tower immediately and to bring the Silver Crystal. On her way to Tokyo Tower Minako runs into Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto, who invite her to dinner at Makoto's Apartment. After Minako declines the invitation she runs off to meet Kunzite who blacks out the entire city. Minako takes out her transformation pen and calls out Venus Power, Make Up! and transforms into Sailor Venus.

Act 9 - When Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Luna and Artemis arrive to cheer up Usagi, Ikuko Tsukino lets them know she hasn't come out of her room in a while. When they enter Usagi's room, they are shocked to see her hair. Minako cuts Usagi's hair and redoes her odango's.

Act 10 - At the arcade Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss going to the moon so they can unearth all its secrets. That night Minako meets the other girls and Luna at the park so they can travel to the moon while it is full. Once Luna makes a beam that will take them to the moon, the team step into the fountain and transform.

The next day at HQ Luna discovers that the movement of the Earth's crust has been more active recently, Artemis adds that there's an unusual thermal reaction around the North Pole, so the Sailor Guardians transform in order to investigate.

Act 11 - Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Minako walk to Ami's Home while Minako carries the Sacred Sword for a sleepover. Ami places a diamond ring on the table and has Minako hit it with the Sacred Sword which shatters the diamond.

Makoto contacts the team a states there is an emergency at HQ. The HQ alarm sounds to alert them to an intruder inside HQ. That's when they notice Tuxedo Mask and Motoki Furuhata are inside HQ, so Minako transforms into Sailor Venus.

Act 14 - Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako awaken, Sailor Moon runs towards them and they have a group hug. Minako calls Artemis to her and he jumps into her arms.

Act 15 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss Chibiusa Tsukino at the Fruits Parlor Crown while eating sundaes. Luna arrives with new transformation pens for the Inner Senshi and communicators for all five girls.

The next day when Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako arrive at T-A Academy for Girls, Rei informs them they have a new enemy. Minako uses her Star Power Stick and calls out the phrase Venus Star Power, Make Up to transform into a stronger version of Sailor Venus.

Act 16 - Luna contacts HQ where Ami, Makoto, Minako and Artemis are to inform them what she has learnt about Chibiusa. Usagi, Makoto and Minako attend Ami's chess match against Berthier. When Usagi encourages Ami by calling out from the audience, Minako covers her mouth. When Ami wins the match, Ami follows Berthier outside while Usagi, Makoto and Minako are trapped inside with Droids.

Act 17 - Minako's Star Stick alerts Minako and Makoto to someone playing the Sailor V video game. When they arrive at the arcade they find Chibiusa playing the game and are shocked at how well she does. Usagi, Mamoru, Makoto, Minako and Motoki who are watching Chibiusa play the Sailor V video game are surprised at how good she is, achieving the highest score of all time. Minako and Mamoru notice Luna-P is helping Chibiusa win and agree not to tell Usagi. Mamoru takes Chibiusa home while Usagi, Makoto and Minako meet Luna and Artemis at HQ. Minako is unable to get a read on the Black Moon's intentions. When it's concluded that the Black Moon are after Chibiusa, Minako believes Chibiusa holds the key to all the mysteries.

Minako tries to contact Makoto who is at her apartment, unconscious. She and Artemis contact Usagi and Luna. When Minako and Usagi meet at Makoto's apartment, they transform.

Act 18 - Minako is annoyed, she wants to settle the argument once and for all: is Chibiusa friend or foe. Usagi, Minako, Mamoru and Luna walk from HQ to Usagi's house to confront Chibiusa about how knowledge of the Black Moon.

Chibiusa cries in Mamoru's arms, while Minako inquires as to why she is scared of the earring. Minako gets frustrated over how uncooperative Chibiusa is being.

While at HQ Minako and Artemis view a DVD of Calaveras stating the Black Moon are friends and those from the white moon are Earth's true enemy. When Calaveras mentions she'll be holding a seance session in the park, Minako wishes to reveal the Black Moon's evil schemes and if they want a fight she'll give 'em one.

When Minako contacts Usagi from the park to find out why she is late, Usagi informs her that Chibiusa stole the Silver Crystal and she's going after Chibiusa to get her Crystal Star back. When Minako is unsuccessful in trying to convince those in attendance that the whole seance is a hoax, she transforms.

Act 19 - Luna and Artemis sleep at the foot of Minako's bed.

Act 23 - Usagi wakes-up back in her room in the 21st century with Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and her mother standing over her. Minako and the other girls are just as eager as Usagi to find Mamoru and Chibiusa. After the girls leave Usagi's house, a shock-wave from the 30th century is felt in the 21st Century, the girls return to check if Usagi is alright. Knowing something is wrong in the future the girls transform.

Act 26 - Motoki waves to Ami and Minako outside the arcade.

Act 27 Part 1 - Minako meets Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto at the arcade. Both Makoto and Minako crush big time on Haruka Tenou thinking he is "so hot". As Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Naru and Mamoru are walking down the street, Umino suddenly appears from out of nowhere. Minako explains that Mugen Academy has recently become famous for having lots of gifted students, she would love to transfer to a school filled with celebrities. When a Daimon appears, Minako calls out Venus Planet Power, Make Up! for the first time to transform.

After the fight Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, Luna and Artemis meet at HQ to discuss recent events seen to be surrounded around Mugen Academy. Everyone agrees with Minako when she announces they will have to investigate Mugen Academy as soon as possible.  

Act 27 Part 2 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako investigate Mugan Academy. Minako feels someone is watching them. When Minako notices the school has security guards at the entrance, Usagi uses her Disguise Pen and enters the school alone. Haruka warns Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako not to poke around. When a Daimon attacks Usagi and Chibiusa, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako hear their screams and come running. Unbeknown to them, as all 6 transform they are watched by Sailor NeptuneSailor Uranus and Hotaru Tomoe.  

Act 28 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa meet at HQ where Luna and Artemis have been analysis the two unknown Sailor Guardians. The Next day when Minako sees Haruka with Usagi, she demands he stay away from Usagi.  

While at the Fruits Parlor Crown Cafe, Makoto tells Usagi, Ami, Chibiusa and Minako how excited she is for Rei's upcoming birthday. When Minako informs Makoto that Rei is training in the mountains they decide to surprise Rei.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako surprise Rei and throw her a birthday party. Makoto baked a cake, Minako brought Casa Blanca Lilies because they are Rei's favourite flowers, Usagi brought a tea set and Ami got Rei a workbook to help prepare for exams. The girls check out a Gymnasium in a nearby building owned by Mugen Academy where students are practising judo. When Eudial arrives the girls run off because they're not supposed to be there.  

When Ami encourages Usagi to wake up and informs her that Rei and Makoto are missing, Minako sees explosions coming from over the hills.