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Morga is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Short wavy pink hair, red eyes with fangs and claws. She wears the same clothing and jewellery as when she was posing as Mayumi Osaka but since her transformation the clothing she wears is now torn.


Jadeite creates Morga from clay and instructs her to gather energy from humans and search for the Silver Crystal.

Morga ties up and impersonates Mayumi, and has a sale at OSA-P. The jewellery that is sold will drain the energy from those who buy it and turn them into slaves.

Naru and her friends, Usagi, Yumiko and Kuri attend the sale at OSA-P after school, but Naru becomes suspicious of her mother. Later, Naru approaches her mother, sees her with a container of energy, is immediately attacked, as Morga reveals her true form. Usagi, having just learned that she is Sailor Moon, immediately rushes to Naru's rescue.

When Sailor Moon confronts Morga, she instructs the mind-controlled humans who had bought jewellery from the store earlier to attack Sailor Moon. Scared and not knowing what to do, Sailor Moon begins to cry, which sets off Supersonic Waves that releases the human slaves from Morga's control.

While Morga is disoriented, Tuxedo Mask instructs Sailor Moon to stop crying and finish off. Sailor Moon uses her attack Moon Tiara Boomerang which destroys Morga.