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Mugen Academy (also known as Infinity Academy) is a school in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Mugen Academy was a private school in the Mugen district which was a part of Sankakusa, Mugenzu, the largest commercial area currently developed by the Tokyo Bay Land Reclamation Project. The school was located in a 60-story building known as "The Academy of Geniuses". Consisting of a kindergarten, a primary school, junior high, high school, university and a graduate school. Mugen Academy has a unified educational program and has recently become famous for having lots of gifted students. Celebrities from fields such as Olympic athletes, musicians and even some of the top teen idols attend. The school was equipped with a massive hall that is available for concerts.


  • Has security guards
  • A discipline committee
  • Tomoe research laboratory
  • An annual 5-day training camp for new students
  • Judo classes
  • Gymnasium
  • Botanical Garden
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Animal experimentation room
  • Underground laboratories
  • The middle school 3rd year science class is located on the 13th floor
  • Principals Office located on the 60th floor
  • Basement is located on the 00th floor