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Naru Osaka is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Naru Osaka has short, wavy red hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a blue hair bow. Her school uniform is a sailor jacket with a red bow on the chest, a miniskirt, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.


Naru Osaka is Usagi's best friend, she is a fourteen year old eighth grader who is a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School in class 1. Usagi describes Naru as pretty, smart, kind and her family is rich too. 

Act 1 - After Umino brags about scoring 95% on their latest test without studying, Naru is slightly jealous about only receiving 85% on the test. 

When Naru tells Usagi, Yumiko and Kuri of the huge sale her mother is having at her shop where some of the items prices will be in their range, they all decide to attend the sale after school. 

When they arrive at the shop Naru starts to become suspicious of her mother, who has never had a sale with such low prices before. Later, Naru approaches her mother, sees her with a container of energy. Naru discovers the woman who she believes to be her mother is an impostor Youma. Naru is immediately attacked, as Morga reveals her true form. Naru's cries for help are heard by Sailor Moon, who comes to fight Morga.  

The next day at school Naru recalls the events of the night before to classmates Yumiko and Kuri. After a robber attacked her but before she lost consciousness, she saw a girl in a sailor suit there to save her. 

Act 2 - Naru invites Yumiko and Usagi for ice cream after school, but when she tries to invite Kuri, she ignores Naru.  

Act 3 - Umino spreads a rumour to Naru, Yumiko and Kuri; Anybody riding the Red 66 bus is cursed by disappearing forever. Kuri believes the bus driver is death himself and Umino adds their final destination is hell.  

Act 4 - Naru and Kuri tell Usagi about Princess D from the Kingdom of D is visiting Japan. Princess D will reveal her secret treasure that will be shown for the first time at a dinner party during her Masquerade ball.  

Act 5 - Naru's cousin is getting married in June, she and her fiancee couldn't make it to the fitting so since Naru is about her size she tried it on instead at the Bridal Shop and had a photo taken that she shows her friends at school. Umino tells of the rumour he heard about some of the men who visit the bridal shop go missing. Naru and Usagi fantasise about getting married. Yumiko adds that she can't wait to get married and wear a wedding dress. When Usagi accidentally bumps into Makoto Kino, Yumiko thinks the new girl seems pretty tough. Umino spreads the rumour the Makoto has super human strength and apparently that she got kicked out of her last school for fighting. Naru finds Makoto slightly intimidating.  

Act 6 - While at school Naru, Umino, Yumiko and Kuri discuss a news report about Tuxedo Mask issuing a statement to the media claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to obtain a lost treasure known as the Legendary Silver Crystal that is said to be somewhere in Japan.

Act 7 - While visiting Rental Shop Dark, Naru runs into Yumiko and Kuri renting movies. Naru is currently going through a romance movie phase while Kuri can't make up her mind because the store is huge. The next day at school when Usagi asks Naru to walk home together, Naru and the rest of Class 1 all seem to be in a trance while repeating that they must look for Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation on all the humans including Naru and Umino to release them from the brainwashing.

Act 10 - At the arcade Usagi, Yumiko and Kuri watch Naru play video games.

Act 14 - At school Naru, Yumiko and Kuri wish Usagi a good morning.

Act 16 -  Naru drags Usagi to the pool at the Health Club to try to cheer her up and they run into Ami swimming. When they get out of the pool they see an interview on TV where Berthier challenges junior chess champion Ami to an individual chess match, which she accepts.

Act 18 - Naru is very happy to see Usagi. Umino brags to Usagi and Naru that he was able to get a copy of the hardest DVD find in town. They go to the school media room to view the DVD. Naru explains the content on the DVD, psychic channelling, is a world wide craze right now. While watching the DVD when Calaveras states that the Black Moon are friends, Usagi exclaims to Naru and Umino not to believe her lies.

Naru suspected a long time ago that Usagi has been living a double life that she is not privy to, a side of her she can't be a part of but she wants to help her friend.

While in attendance at the seance session, Calaveras hypnotises Naru not to accept the White Moon and to smash the Silver Crystal. She uses Naru to evoke the spirit of her lost sister Berthier.

Act 27 Part 1 - Naru thinks she's seen Haruka Tenou somewhere before, that he is someone famous. As Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Naru and Mamoru are walking down the street, Umino suddenly appears from out of nowhere. Naru spots an article about Haruka in a magazine about him being a famous race car driver. When a Daimon appears Mamoru takes Naru and an extremely shocked Umino to safety.


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