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Petz is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Petz has dark green hair in a bun and wears a green sleeveless short dress with a decorative bodice, long green gloves, black fur on her shoulders. She also wears a green belt with the buckle off the side of her hip and black leggings and short boots. She has green eyes and wears Black Crystal Earrings and wear the black moon symbol on her forehead.


Petz is a member of the Black Moon Clan. She is the eldest and most mature of the four Spectre Sisters who works for and obeys Rubeus as one of his loyal minions. She wants to avenge her younger sisters Koan and Berthier.

Mission - Code 003 Operation Re-new. Hunt for the Silver Crystal and the Rabbit (Chibiusa Tsukino)

Act 15

When Rubeus summons his faithful servants the four Spectre Sisters, Koan senses a strong aura of sympathy surrounding the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Act 17

Petz wishes to seek revenge for her sister, Koan and Berthier. She sets up a trap to capture the Sailor Guardian with the power of thunder: Sailor Jupiter.

Petz spreads a virulent virus that is carried by the storm all over Tokyo. Just as the storm is reaching its peak, Petz sends droids to replace the people of the city to infiltrate the human's society and turn it into a civilisation of the Black Moon.  

She introduces herself as the eldest of the Spectre Sisters who wishes to make the Sailor Guardians pay for her younger siblings. Sailor Jupiter uses her Flower Hurricane power against Petz who reflects the power with a shield onto some droids. Petz uses her Black Crystal Earrings to generate her own electricity power while Sailor Jupiter raises the antenna on her tiara to preform her attack Sparkling Wide Pressure. The two electric powers collide and many droids are destroyed in the crossfire. Sailor Jupiter is contained in Petz's sphere of electricity. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Staff and the Silver Crystal to preform her Moon Princess Halation attack to destroy Petz.  

Act 18

Calaveras evokes the spirits of her fallen sisters emerge from the Sailor Guardians friends. Koan emerges from Kotono Sarashina, Petz emerges from Ittou Asanuma and Berthier emerges from Naru OsakaSailor Venus uses her newest attack Rolling Heart Vibration against the spirits but the power goes right through them. The four Spectre Sisters use Spirit Energy Attack against Sailor Venus, which makes her body begin to tear apart.