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Prince Demande is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Prince Demande has shoulder-length white hair. He wears a white suit with a long purple cape. He has blue eyes.


Prince Demande is the leader of the Black Moon Clan. He is the leader of the attack on Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century. His younger brother Saphir describes Demande as dangerous, unstable, destructive, and always doing as he wishes on sudden impulse and allows his emotions to distract him.

Prince Demande is Prince of the Black Moon and is the one who willingly serves under and secretly follows the orders of his one true master, Wiseman. He is the one who discovered the full, fearsome strength of the Evil Black Crystal.

Mission - Operation: Re-play. A rebirth of history.

Act 15

When Saphir gets a reading on the whereabouts of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Wiseman advises Prince Demande to seize and destroy it as soon as possible because the Legendary Silver Crystal causes so much misfortunes and destruction. Prince Demande toasts to the restoration, a rewrite of the past to make all as it should be with Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus.

Prince Demande watches the fight between Koan, the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask. He communicates to Rubeus that he wants Sailor Mars alive and taken back to their planet.

Act 16

Prince Demande calls Wiseman, who agrees to keep Sailor Mars alive until Prince Demande has achieved his goals.

Act 17

Prince Demande wants to crush the Legendary Silver Crystal and he believes he'll get everything he desires.

Act 18

Prince Demande summons Wiseman, who informs him as long as the Legendary Silver Crystal exist, the Black Crystal will never be unbreakable and unbeatable. Prince Demande strongly desired the Legendary Silver Crystal, and smash it with the Black Crystal.

Act 19

Prince Demande, Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus witness the creation of a time warp separate from the space-time route to go to and from Nemesis, with multiple energies.

Act 20

Prince Demande stares at an image of Neo-Queen Serenity while Esmeraude spies on him. When Rubeus grabs Esmeraude from behind, Prince Demande notice them. Esmeraude begs for one more chance to show Prince Demande what she can really do now that she has a gift granted to her by Wiseman.

After Esmeraude is destroyed, Prince Demande and Wiseman appear to gloat over the apocalyptic version of 30th century. Prince Demande uses his Invincible Evil Sight to immobilise Sailor Moon.

Act 21

Prince Demande takes Sailor Moon back to his private chambers in the Black Moon Castle on the planet Nemesis. He explains his grand plan. The Black Moon attacked Crystal Tokyo to show that the Silver Crystal isn't the only thing with inconceivable power in the universe. Earth was infected with delusions of long life and infinite power, it had became obscene. Wiseman appeared with instructions to go to Nemesis and obtain the Black Crystal. Against the power of the Black Crystal, the Silver Crystal would no longer be relevant the Silver Crystal would merely be a stone. The Black Moon sent troops into the past before Earth was ruled by the Moon Kingdom and destroy all its history. Then it shall be rewritten as the history of the Black Moon. When Prince Demande first met Neo-Queen Serenity, he never dreamed for her to appear because the almighty goddess in the invincible palace had never shown herself. She looked at him with coldness and contempt in her eyes, like Prince Demande was less-than-human. Those eyes wanted him eliminated. When he used his Invincible Evil Sight on Neo-Queen Serenity the Silver Crystal protected her. Since that day those eyes have haunted Prince Demande, he wanted to see her again and force her to kneel before him. He had to have Neo-Queen Serenity by any means, in any form and now finally he has Usagi. Prince Demande leans in and kisses Usagi, who pushes him away.

Act 22

When Usagi faints, Prince Demande carries her away. When told by Prince Demande that her friends are dead, Usagi doesn't believe him and she runs off to find them.

When Prince Demande summons Wiseman he brings his newest minion, Black Lady along. After witnessing the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Prince Demande realises why wars are fought causing death and disaster over such a precious item. After Neo-Queen Serenity speaks through Sailor Moon, Prince Demande responds. Wiseman instructs him to take the Silver Crystal and crush the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Mercury attacks with her Shine Snow Illusion while Sailor Mars attacks with her Burning Mandala and Sailor Jupiter attacks with her Sparkling Wide Pressure against Prince Demande, but Wiseman blocks the attack. Prince Demande immobilises Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter with his Invincible Evil Sight. When the Black Crystal Reactor begins to overload Sailor Moon throws her tiara at Prince Demande and they are released from control.

Act 23

When the surface of the planet becomes too dangerous, Black Lady places Prince Demande and Saphir in the Darkness Chamber together. When Wiseman calls for her, Black Lady takes Prince Demande and Saphir through a controlled space to the Castle of Darkness. Prince Demande never realised Wiseman had his own Castle. Wiseman fills in Prince Demande and Saphir on who Black Lady used to be. When Prince Demande notices Wiseman is different, he demands to see Wiseman's true identity, and know what it is he is plotting. Wiseman attacks Prince Demande and Saphir to hypnotise them into obeying his every command. Black Lady sends Prince Demande and Saphir to make preparations to send another Malefic Black Crystal monolith to earth.

Act 24

Black Lady summons Prince Demande and Saphir. Prince Demande attacks Sailor Moon with his Invincible Evil eye, but Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter take the hit. Saphir throws Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to the ground before Prince Demande uses his Invincible Evil Sight to immobilise them. When Wiseman request Black Lady bring a fourth Malefic Black Crystal monolith to earth, Prince Demande realises Wiseman believes them all to be expendable. Prince Demande reveals that his Invincible Evil Sight protected him from Wiseman's mind control attack and he was never under the spell. Black Lady orders Saphir to kill his brother. Prince Demande uses his Invincible Evil Sight to destroy Saphir. When he attacks Wiseman a rotten corpse is revealed.

Black Lady holds a Silver Crystal in each hand, then Prince Demande snatches them from her and threatens to bring the two crystals together.

Act 25

Just as Prince Demande is about to bring the two crystals together, Sailor Pluto commands time to stop. When time resumes, Prince Demande watches as Black Lady transforms back to Chibiusa and for the first time, Sailor Chibi Moon.

When Nemesis disappears, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus believe Death Phantom to be destroyed, but Prince Demande isn't fooled by his tricks. He uses his Invincible Evil Sight to reflect an unbelievable power that Death Phantom fires at the Sailor Guardians, saying he wants to be the one to kill Sailor Moon. Consumed by his own inner darkness, Prince Demande is destroyed by Death Phantom and with one final strike Prince Demande is turned to dust.


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