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Princess D is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


She has short light brown hair topped with a tiara. She wears large glasses that when removed is shown to be very beautiful with aqua eyes. She wears a long light pink dress with ruffled trim and three flowers along the neckline. She has white dangled earrings, a necklace with a blue gem and white high heel shoes.


Princess D is from the Kingdom of D (Diamond Kingdom) where all the gemstones are mined. She believes everyone cares more about the secret treasure and her diamonds then they do about her because that's all people talk about.

Princess D visits Japan to reveal her secret treasure that will be shown for the first time at a dinner party during her Masquerade ball. In his Attendant disguise, Nephrite is witnessed by Ami Mizuno and Rei Hino going into a room on the second floor of the embassy building with Princess D. The Princess picks up a chest containing her secret treasure and the Attendant demands she hand it over. When Ami and Rei barge into the room the Attendant changes back into himself and sends a Soul Shadow spectre into Princess D that possess her. Nephrite commands her to leave with the chest that holds what he believes to be the Legendary Silver Crystal.

When the possessed Princess D announces to the ballroom guests, if anyone tries to stop her they will be offered as a sacrifice to the Great Ruler, Luna suggests she and Usagi Tsukino get out of the room quick. They exit the room just as Princess D emits a blue light that knocks out everyone in ballroom. Princess D runs out of the ballroom and pushes Usagi off the balcony. 

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury hold off the possessed Princess D so she doesn't escape with her treasure. Nephrite's face appears as a shadow in a green spectre above Princess D. Sailor Mars uses her Akuryo Taisan attack to try and exorcise the spiritual possession but it doesn't have any effect. Sailor Moon uses her new tiara to reflect the moonlight onto the shadow. She uses her attack Moon Twilight Flash which destroys the soul shadow that possessed Princess D, and she faints. 

When she is freed from Nephrite's influence, she wakes up confused with no memory of being possessed, and wondering where her glasses are, while the Sailor Guardians flee from the scene.

Princess D reveals her Legendary Secret Treasure which turns out to be a 2000 carat diamond cut into a statue of Crown Princess D.