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Princess Serenity is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Princess Serenity was the princess of the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millennium, she is the past-self of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon.)

Princess Serenity was fascinated by the Earth, and longed for its greenery and wind. Even though she was forbidden to go to the planet Earth, but she always go there in secret and later meet Prince Endymion. She frequently visited Earth many times just to see a glimpse of him. One day he saw her and before they knew it the two fell in love with each other.

During the Dark Kingdom's attack, Prince Endymion died protecting Serenity, and out of sorrow she committed suicide. Serenity's mother (Queen Serenity) sealed away the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom, but as a result the Moon Kingdom turned into stones, and Earth's history was restarted. Before her own death, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to give her daughter a second chance, hoping that this time, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion could find happiness together. As a result, Princess Serenity's spirit was reborn and reincarnated in 21st century Earth as Usagi Tsukino.


Princess Serenity has long blonde hair put up in odango buns. She has blue eyes and wears a white regal gown and has a golden crescent-moon symbol on her forehead.


Act 9 

Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity as she cries for Tuxedo Mask. She holds Mamoru's broken watch in her hand and watches as it begins running backwards like it's turning back time. She starts to regain lost memories of a painful past and her one true love Prince Endymion.

Princess Serenity confesses her love to Tuxedo Mask, a tear falls and turns into the Silver Crystal. The light it emits is so bright it is almost blinding that no one sees the light enter Tuxedo Mask's body. When Queen Beryl arrives for the Silver Crystal the Inner Guardian protect Princess Serenity (Usagi) and Tuxedo Mask from Kunzite. While Serenity (Usagi) is distracted by the fighting, Kunzite snatches Tuxedo Mask. Princess Serenity unsuccessfully begs Beryl and Kunzite not to take Tuxedo Mask back to the Dark Kingdom.

After the power is restored Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter take their distraught Princess back to Headquarters where Sailor Venus reveals the truth. Frantic over wanting Tuxedo Mask back, Serenity faints.