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Queen Metaria is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Queen Metaria appears as a dark purple shadow creature with green eyes and red mouth and a bright reddish purple diamond-shaped object on the forehead.


Queen Metaria is the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. She is an extraterrestrial being of pure dark purple energy that feeds on human energy. She was sealed away by the Moon Kingdom until Queen Beryl released her. She is a monster that devours the life energy of all the creatures on the planet. She generates darkness and turns everything into stone. The mark on her forehead is her core and the key to her destruction.

Act 7

Queen Beryl visits Queen Metaria to offer her the human energy that has been collected in hopes of reviving her Great Ruler. But it's not enough energy, Metaria needs the Silver Crystal. Beryl explains that the Sailor Guardians have been an obstacle. Metaria knows they are the same Sailor Guardians that defeated her in ancient times and sealed her away. Beryl recalls the day at D-Point near the north pole where she was compelled by some dark force and discovered Dark Kingdom. Beryl broke the seal and released Queen Metaria from her ancient prison.

Act 8

Minako Aino explains to Usagi TsukinoAmi MizunoRei HinoMakoto Kino and Luna what she and Artemis know about their enemy; An entity of concentrated evil, completely unlike any other creature. She hungers for power and has her eyes set upon the sacred Crystal of the Moon Kingdom to strengthen her power. She will stop at nothing to conquer the Earth. Right now human energy is the source of her power, that is why she's been targeting innocents. She was responsible for destroying the Moon Kingdom and filled its people with dread and despair, robbing them of their happiness.

Beryl and Metaria plan to lure Sailor Venus out into the open to force her to reveal the Silver Crystal because they believe her to be Princess Serenity

Act 9

Once revealed, Queen Metaria feels the energy from the Silver Crystal flow through.

Act 10

Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite watch as Queen Beryl takes a staircase none of them knew existed. She goes through a large double door and they discover who their Great Leader truly is. When Beryl tells Metaria that there is no trace of the Silver Crystal in Tuxedo Mask's body, Queen Metaria declares him useless and to get rid of him and the Princess must still have the Silver Crystal.

Act 12

Queen Metalia instructs Tuxedo Mask to bring the Sacred Sword to her. He grabs Sailor Moon by the throat and demands to know why the Silver Crystal doesn't shine, after Tuxedo Mask tosses her to the ground, Queen Metalia arrives and begins attacking Sailor Moon. Queen Metalia destroys the Shitennou for rejecting the power of darkness.

Act 13

Queen Metaria attacks the Inner Senshi as she is filled with the power from the Silver Crystal. When Luna and Artemis arrive, Luna attacks Queen Metaria but is struck away. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the Silver Crystal are sucked into Queen Metaria's body. Queen Metaria is now completely free so she leaves the Dark Kingdom and the Inner Senshi follow her to the Arctic Circle which is now just a field of stone.

As Queen Metaria feeds off the power of the Silver Crystal she grows. The Inner Senshi use Sailor Planet Attack against her which she also feeds off. As long as Queen Metaria has the power of the Silver Crystal she is invincible. She spreads across and envelops the entire planet Earth turning people into mutants.

The Inner Senshi throw their transformation pens into Queen Metaria to awaken their Princess and Queen Metaria attacks them. Queen Metaria begins taunting Sailor Moon, she takes the crystal and Queen Metaria's body begins to heat up and Sailor Moon escapes with Tuxedo Mask and the Silver Crystal. 

Act 14

Sailor Moon strikes Queen Metaria with the Silver Crystal. When the moon begins to to emit a bright light just as the Silver Crystal, Queen Metaria tries to reach for the new strong power coming form the moon but it pushes her back. Sailor Moon uses the power of the moon light to finish off Queen Metaria once and for all.


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