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Queen Serenity is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Queen Serenity is slender and tall with fair skin and bright silver eyes. She has long silvery-white hair done up in odango. She wears a white dress with a bow on the top, adorned with a gold crescent brooch. She has a golden-coloured crescent moon on her forehead, which is the mark of the Silver Millennium itself and the royal family's symbol.


Queen Serenity was the queen of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium and the mother of Princess Serenity. She states that the people on Earth knew her as the Moon goddess Selene.

Queen Serenity was the first to use the Moon Stick and use its power together with Silver Crystal. She gave it to Luna and it was later used by Sailor Moon.

Act 10

While visiting the moon after Sailor Venus manages to pull out the Sacred Sword from the stone, Queen Serenity's consciousness appears to the Sailor Guardians. Queen Serenity explains she is able to appear to them thanks to the Eternity Main System of the Moon Castle. Even though her physical form has perished her conscious her will her memories and spirit still remain in holographic form. After she placed Luna and Artemis in suspended animation and sent them to Earth to watch over the Sailor Guardians, she waited so long to see her daughter again. As Queen Serenity tells the Sailor Guardians the history of the Moon Kingdom their memories return and they see the Moon Kingdom as it once was.

Princess Serenity used to sneak out and travel down to Earth constantly for the lush greenery and sweet winds. Then one day she found love. The Moon Kingdom would protect the Earth. One day disaster struck, a grotesque creature invaded Earth and attempted to conquer the planet for herself. She was a pure evil who schemed to control the Silver Crystal, she brainwashed the humans of Earth and attacked the moon. Prince Endymion was the sole Earthling who resisted and fought to protect Princess Serenity. He was killed protecting Serenity shortly thereafter, full of grief and despair Serenity took her own life with the power of the Silver Crystal. Queen Serenity managed to seal Queen Metaria away. But as a result she turned Silver Millennium into stone and crumbled into the present ruins. Earth was completely destroyed and history of Earth began anew.

Now the evil has revived to finish what she started. Queen Metaria must be completely eliminated this time with the true power of the Silver Crystal. Princess Serenity is the only one who can use the true power of the Silver Crystal. When Sailor Venus mentions the light from the Silver Crystal was drawn into Tuxedo Mask's body, Queen Serenity informs Sailor Moon that the power of the Silver Crystal follows her heart. Queen Serenity tells Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus to look after her daughter and restore the Moon Kingdom to its former glory. Before she disappears Queen Serenity tells Sailor Moon to find happiness.

Act 12

Queen Serenity comes to Sailor Moon in a vision telling her to be proud and confident. 

Act 13

When Sailor Moon is sucked into Queen Metaria along with Tuxedo Mask and the Silver Crystal, Luna remembers Queen Serenity telling her to protect Princess Serenity forever. 

Act 14

Luna recalls a past memory of Queen Serenity telling her to offer a prayer to the Tower and the power of the moon will protect them.  

Queen Serenity appears to Usagi as a hologram with one wish for her daughter: to be happy with the one she loves. When Queen Serenity disappears she leaves behind a new brooch in her place. 

Act 19

Luna dreams of a forgotten memory; Queen Serenity tells Luna the Space-Time Door is located on sacred, forbidden ground, it is quietly defended by a solitary guardian and she should forget ever have seen it.

Act 24

Sailor Pluto recalls when she was young, Queen Serenity told her about the taboos. The three acts Sailor Pluto is forbidden to ever do are 1. Do not travel through time 2. Never leave the space-time door and the most important 3. Do not stop time

Act 25

Queen Serenity is seen warning a young Sailor Pluto if she were ever to break the taboo it could cost her life.


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