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Rei Hino is the civilian identity of Sailor Mars.


Rei is a very beautiful girl with long black hair, purple eyes, and red stud earrings. Her school uniform is a sailor jacket with a red bow on the chest, a miniskirt, long white socks and black shoes. Her shrine maiden outfit includes a long red skirt and white top.


Rei Hino is quiet, calm and nice. She works as a shrine maiden at Hikawa Shrine. She is a fourteen year old eighth grader who's a student at T-A Academy for Girls. Her favourite flowers are Casa Blanca lilies. Usagi describes Rei as a cool beauty with a strong spiritual power.

Act 2 - At Hikawa Shrine, Rei sits in front of the fireplace.

Act 3 - As Rei kneels in front of her fireplace, she senses that an evil is about to unleash chaos on the world. When Rei first sees Usagi Tsukino on the bus home, she has a brief vision of the Moon Kingdom.

Rei senses a demonic presence and proceeds to exorcise the evil spirit which she believed to be coming from Usagi. After Rei apologises, she and Usagi notice Mii's Mother preying for the safety of her daughter. Rei explains to Usagi that there are five hills in Sendaizakaue but it is believed that there is a mysterious sixth hill that is a gateway and that's why the demon bus vanishes there.

The next day Mii's Mother returns with two friends, she wants to know if Rei would use her spiritual powers to find her daughter. When Rei explains her powers don't work in that way, one of Mii's Mothers friends accuses Rei of having something to do with the disappearance. After Usagi stands up for Rei against the three women, they start accusing Usagi of being involved in the disappearances, and Rei tells the women to leave.

Rei explains to Usagi that ever since she was young people have always scorned her for having spiritual powers, they made her an outcast, some called her a freak. Rei doesn't understand why she was born with her powers.

Not long after Usagi leaves, Rei receives a vision from the flames of Jadeite with Usagi. She goes after the bus only to find Jadeite as the driver of the demon bus and renders Rei unconscious.

When Rei finally awakens she recognises Sailor Moon as Usagi. While Jadeite is freezing Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, Rei pulls him away exclaiming she's no ordinary human and she too has powers. Just then the Planetary Symbol for Mars begins to glow on her forehead and Rei gets a flash of the Moon Kingdom again. Luna throws Rei the Mars transformation pen and tells her to transform. Rei calls out Mars Power, Make Up and transforms into Sailor Mars.

Rei explains to Mii that the Sailor Guardians saved her and brought her back to safety.

Act 4 - It's Rei's first time ever at an arcade. While she and Ami Mizuno wait for Usagi to arrive so they can start their Sailor Guardian meeting, they play Sailor V video games.

Usagi uses her disguise power to change in a princess to attend Princess D's masquerade ball at the embassy with Luna, Rei and Ami. When they arrive Rei has a strong negative feeling. While Usagi goes to the main ballroom, Rei and Ami search for Princess D. Rei and Ami witness Princess D enter a room on the second floor of the building with an Attendant and barge into the room. The Attendant changes into Nephrite and sends a shadow spectre into Princess D, possessing her in order to steal her treasure, so Rei and Ami transform.

Act 5 - When Usagi and Ami arrive at Hikawa Shrine talking about men and marriage, Rei adds she doesn't trust men she believes they'll all fools. That night when Tuxedo Mask arrives at Usagi's window and whisks her away, Luna contacts Rei and Ami. When Rei and Ami arrive at Usagi's location, all three girls spot the ghost Bride and transform.

Act 6 - Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto Kino meet Luna at the arcade where Luna informs them of her mission to awaken the Sailor Guardians. After Usagi arrives home to find her mother hypnotised and frantically searching for the Silver Crystal, Luna contacts the other girls who are out on the street witnessing other hypnotised humans search for the Silver Crystal. They all meet up at the arcade again when there Luna shows them their secret headquarters where she has been doing research on the enemy. After Usagi leaves, Ami, Rei, Mako and Luna head to the TV station where Dr. Isono reveals herself to be Zoisite so the girls transform.

Act 7 - While standing outside the Rental Shop Dark, Rei receives a strange feeling coming from inside.

When she discovers the DVD is actually a brainwashing program, Ami contacts Rei and Makoto. Both Rei and Makoto are surrounded by brainwashed humans trying to find and capture Sailor Moon in order to sacrifice her to the Dark Kingdom. Believing Usagi is in danger Ami, Rei and Makoto set out to find her after they transform.

Act 8 - Rei and the others listen to Minako Aino as she explains how she meet Artemis, became a Sailor Guardian and what she knows about their enemy.

The next day when Minako runs into Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto on her way to fight Kunzite alone at Tokyo Tower, the girls invite her to dinner at Makoto's Apartment. After Kunzite blacks out the entire city, Luna contacts the girls via Usagi's communicator so they can transform and investigate.

Act 9 - When Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Luna and Artemis arrive to cheer up Usagi, Ikuko Tsukino lets them know she hasn't come out of her room in a while. When they enter Usagi's room, they are shocked to see her hair. Ami brushes Usagi's hair while Rei sprays.

Act 10 - At the arcade Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss going to the moon so they can unearth all its secrets. That night Rei meets the other girls and Luna at the park so they can travel to the moon while it is full. Once Luna makes a beam that will take them to the moon, the team step into the fountain and transform.

The next day at HQ Luna discovers that the movement of the Earth's crust has been more active recently, Artemis adds that there's an unusual thermal reaction around the North Pole, so the Sailor Guardians transform in order to investigate.

Act 11 - Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Minako walk to Ami's Home for a sleepover.

Makoto contacts the team a states there is an emergency at HQ. The HQ alarm sounds to alert them to an intruder inside HQ. When the hypnotised Makoto reaches for the Silver Crystal around Usagi's neck, Rei pushes Makoto to the ground. That's when they notice Tuxedo Mask and Motoki are inside HQ, so Rei transforms into Sailor Mars.

Act 14 - Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako awaken, Sailor Moon runs towards them and they have a group hug.

While sitting in front of her fire at the Shrine, Rei receives a vision of a future enemy.

Act 15 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss Chibiusa Tsukino at the Fruits Parlor Crown while eating sundaes. Luna arrives with new transformation pens for the Inner Senshi and communicators for all five girls. Shortly after Rei leaves to go to her school to help with preparations for a school fair. Rei has been talked into being a fortune teller by the President of the Supernatural Research Club, Kotono Sarashina. When Kotono shows her the many reports of people claiming to have seen UFO's lately, Rei concludes that intruders may have snuck in without anyone realising. Rei is intrigued by several reports of spontaneous human combustion in Japan recently.

Rei wakes from a dream or premonition of a woman setting a man on fire. Later at the school fair Rei reads palms and tells people their future. When informed that there is another fortune teller at the fair is upsetting everyone by predicting the date of their death, Rei interrupts the fortune teller and she introduces herself as Koan Kurozuki. When offered a reading by Koan, Rei declines a reading from Ms. Grim Reaper. Rei and Kotono run off to report Koan to the sisters before she causes a major panic. When Chibiusa is knocked down by a sister, Rei attends to her but she gets up and runs away. Rei notices one of the sisters has a black crescent moon symbol on her forehead. When Kotono smells something burning she and Rei go to investigate and find a sister being burnt alive which causes Kotono to faint. When Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako arrive, Rei informs them they have a new enemy. When Rei uses her Star Power Stick and calls out the phrase Mars Star Power, Make Up to transform into a stronger version of Sailor Mars, the sisters turn into Droids.

Act 21 - Rei awakens in the Darkness Chamber on Nemesis with Ami and Makoto after hearing Usagi's voice in her head. They are unsure what broke their transformations, where they are and for how long they've been there for. When Makoto suggests they transform, Rei calls out Mars Star Power, Make Up but they are unable to use their powers. All of a sudden they can't breath and begin losing energy.

Act 22 - Sailor Moon sends her excess power to Ami, Rei and Makoto. They are now able to transform with a hand from Sailor Moon.

Act 23 - Usagi wakes-up back in her room in the 21st century with Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and her mother standing over her. Rei and the other girls are just as eager as Usagi to find Mamoru and Chibiusa. After the girls leave Usagi's house, Rei notices a blood red sunset which is a bad omen. When a shock-wave from the 30th century is felt in the 21st Century, the girls return to check if Usagi is alright. Knowing something is wrong in the future the girls transform.

Act 26 - Kotono is relieved to see Rei again.

Act 27 Part 1 - Both Rei and Mamoru share a young girl's ominous premonition about the Sailor Guardians, accompanied by a voice which calls for her awakening and the destruction to begin.

Rei meets Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako at the arcade. As Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Naru and Mamoru are walking down the street, Umino suddenly appears from out of nowhere. When a Daimon appears, Rei calls out Mars Planet Power, Make Up! for the first time to transform.

After the fight Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, Luna and Artemis meet at HQ to discuss recent events seen to be surrounded around Mugen Academy. Everyone agrees with Minako when she announces they will have to investigate Mugen Academy as soon as possible.

Act 27 Part 2 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako investigate Mugan Academy. Rei senses the area is filled with a very powerful aura. After Usagi uses her Disguise Pen and enters the school alone, Haruka Tenou warns Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako not to poke around. When a Daimon attacks Usagi and Chibiusa, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako hear their screams and come running. Unbeknown to them, as all 6 transform they are watched by Sailor NeptuneSailor Uranus and Hotaru Tomoe.

Act 28 - Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa meet at HQ where Luna and Artemis have been analysis the two unknown Sailor Guardians.

Rei travels to the mountains, she wants to spend her 15th birthday purifying herself. While standing under a waterfall she receives a message "Awaken, the time has come. Let the destruction begin. Gather the three Talismans." Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako surprise Rei and throw her a birthday party. Makoto baked a cake, Minako brought Casa Blanca Lilies, Usagi brought a tea set and Ami got Rei a workbook to help prepare for exams. When Makoto notices that just over the valley is Mugen Academy's training camp, Rei explains that the camp was actually part of the reason she chose to come meditate in the mountains. The girls check out a Gymnasium in a nearby building owned by Mugen Academy where students are practising judo. When Eudial arrives the girls run off because they're not supposed to be there.

That night Rei and Makoto investigate a light coming from the training camp. When they see Eudial trying to offer up the students as Hostes and Vessels, Rei and Makoto transform.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strong spiritual powers
  • Detect supernatural activity
  • Extract and purify evil forces from others
  • See vivid visions of the future
  • Physic ability of pyromancy (the ability to see the past or future via flames and fire)
  • Vivid prophetic dreams of future events while sleeping