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Rubeus is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Rubeus has bright red hair, styled to look like a flame, and red eyes, and he has the black, upside-down crescent moon on his forehead. He wears a brown leather vest, pants with a camouflage-like design, black leather boots with laces, and a necklace with a stone pendant on it, and the evil black crystal earrings.


Rubeus is a member of the Black Moon Clan. He wants to find Chibiusa and the Silver Crystal. Rubeus has sworn his loyalty to Prince Demande and will follow him no matter what.

Act 15

Prince Demande toasts to the restoration, a rewrite of the past to make all as it should be with Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus. When Rubeus summons his faithful servants the four Spectre Sisters, Koan senses a strong aura of sympathy surrounding the Silver Crystal.

After Koan is destroyed, Rubeus arrives and introduces himself as Crimson Rubeus from the Black Moon, commander of the Spectre Sisters. He explains even though Koan has been defeated her flame barrier remains unbreakable, it can never be extinguished. Prince Demande communicates to Rubeus that he wants Sailor Mars alive and taken back to their planet. Rubeus takes Sailor Mars through a portal in the sky with the intention of interrogating her on the whereabouts of the Silver Crystal.

Act 16

Rubeus informs Prince Demande that Sailor Mars is locked away in the Darkness Chamber and that she didn't give up any information on the Silver Crystal. 

After Berthier is destroyed, Rubeus arrives to take Sailor Mercury who is trapped in Berthier's water sphere, back to Nemesis through a portal in the sky.

Act 17

After Petz is destroyed, Rubeus arrives to take Sailor Jupiter who is trapped in Petz's sphere of electricity, back to Nemesis through a portal in the sky.

Act 18

Rubeus isn't worried about casualties lost, he believes they were inevitable. Plus he was merely obeying Prince Demandes orders. Rubeus regrets what happened to Koan, Berthier and Petz but they did manager to split the Sailor Guardians. Without a complete team Rubeus believes the girls are powerless.

Rubeus arrives with the intention of killing Usagi Tsukino and Chibiusa when Tuxedo Mask appears and knocks down Rubeus. When Rubeus uses his flame attack against him, Tuxedo Mask uses his new attack Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber repelling the flames and Rubeus teleports away.

Act 19

Prince Demande, Saphir, Esmeraude and Rubeus witness the creation of a time warp separate from the space-time route to go to and from Nemesis, with multiple energies. When Wiseman believes the moment has come to strike down the Silver Crystal and its heir along with the impregnable castle, Esmeraude takes the assignment but Rubues doesn't believe she is up to the task.

Act 20

Rubeus catches Esmeraude spying on Prince Demande. When Rubeus grabs Esmeraude from behind Prince Demande notice them.

Act 22

Usagi comes across Rubeus and Saphir discussing Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino and Makoto Kino being held in the Darkness Chamber. Later, when Rubeus questions Wiseman on his true identity, Wiseman destroys Rubeus with his Beast Hand.


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