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Sailor Pluto is the Sailor Senshi identity of Setsuna Meiou.  


Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the Space-Time Door. Being a time-keeper, she is practically ageless and immortal, living outside of time itself. She descended from Chronos, the god that controls time. Sailor Pluto has lived longer than anyone and has experienced every era. She is a dependable guardian more patient than anyone, able to make very sound decisions.

Act 19 - Chibiusa Tsukino remembers the advise Sailor Pluto gave to her about time travel: It should not be attempted nor should Chibiusa even know about it because it is strictly forbidden.

When Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis approach the door she guards, Sailor Pluto introduces herself and proceeds to attack the intruders with Dead Scream. Just as Sailor Pluto is about to destroy them, Chibiusa intervenes. She is angry at Chibiusa for stealing a Silver Key and travelling to the past without permission but Sailor Pluto is glad she is safe. Sailor Pluto opens the Space-Time Door for the others but she stays behind, she cannot abandoned her post.

Act 20 - King Endymion requests a Silver Key from Sailor Pluto even though it is a crime to travel through time. Sailor Pluto hands a key to Sailor Moon.

Act 21 - Once went Chibiusa went down a forbidden corridor in the very back of the Crystal Palace she found the Space-Time Door and when she went through the door she met Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto taught her to cast a spell using Luna-P that will make Chibiusa feel better whenever she is feeling down.

While searching for Chibiusa, King Endymion asks Sailor Pluto to lend her strength to Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Venus so they can find Sailor Moon. After he leaves, Sailor Pluto finds the Silver Key Chibiusa stole to go to the past.

Act 22 - A storm begins within the space-time void, Sailor Pluto instinctively knows that something has happened to Chibiusa. When Sailor Pluto explains to King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask that Chibiusa went deep into the Space-Time void without a Silver Key and vanished, Tuxedo Mask goes after Chibiusa though the storm to find her.

Sailor Pluto waits with Sailor Venus, King Endymion, Luna and Artemis at the Space-Time Door, when Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive.

Act 23 - Sailor Pluto warns Sailor Moon not to go looking for Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa. But when Sailor Moon insists and the Inner Senshi plan on going with her, Sailor Pluto leads them through the storm in space-time. Sailor Pluto explains that without a Silver Key it is impossible to know where or when they are and will become wanderers in the timeless interval, destined to be lost forever. After the powerful shock-wave and storm Sailor Pluto guesses Chibiusa may have clashed with something and she was drawn into a space somewhere. When Sailor Pluto gets a reaction, Luna-P falls from the sky.

When the Guardians return from the 21st century, Sailor Pluto explains a second Black Crystal Monolith has appeared in Crystal Tokyo.

Act 24 - Sailor Pluto senses her friends are in danger and wants to go through the Space-Time Door to help them. She recalls when Queen Serenity told her about three taboos when she was young.

Diana runs to tell Sailor Pluto all the terrible things that have happened. When Diana offers to watch the Space-Time Door as the guardian in her place, Sailor Pluto is hesitant but eventually goes through the Door to the 30th century to join the fight.

Act 25 - Just as Prince Demande is about to bring the two Silver Crystals together, Sailor Pluto commands time to stop. She falls to the ground. Usagi Tsukino, Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis, King Endymion are released from the time freeze before time resumes and they gather around a weakened Sailor Pluto. She instructs Usagi to go to Prince Demande and retrieve the crystals from him, being careful not to let them touch each other. Sailor Pluto begs Usagi to somehow save Chibiusa. She brings Diana to her and thanks her for guarding the Space-Time Door, before passing away.

Act 26Neo-Queen Serenity sends Sailor Pluto inside the Crystal Palace where she will forever sleep peacefully.

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Protected by Pluto the planet of underworld, I am Sailor Pluto


Sailor Pluto has knee-length dark green hair, a part of her hair tied into a single odango. Her fuku consists of a black choker, collar, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, and boots. Her tiara gem, earrings, and the gem attached to choker are garnet-coloured. The bows of her fuku are maroon. Her earrings are big and shaped like thick downward-pointed arrows. She wears green knee-length boots.

Powers and Abilities

Her attacks are based around time, the underworld, space, darkness, precognition, and powers granted by her orb.

  • Creates rifts in space
  • Travel through various timelines 
  • Grant others the ability to travel through time 


Acts Sailor Pluto is forbidden to do

  1. Do not travel through time
  2. Never leave the space-time door
  3. Do not stop time