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Sailor Senshi are characters in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Sailor Senshi are the Sailor guardians of the Solar System. All have civilian identities and protect Earth from those who threaten peace. The Sailor Senshi comprise of Sailor Moon, the four Inner Senshi, the four Outer Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Starlights, and Chibi Chibi.

Powers & Abilities

Good Sailor Scouts

Sailor Scouts of the Solar System

Sailor Scouts from Outside the Solar System

  • Kinmoku Sailor Scouts:
    • Sailor Starlights
      • Sailor Star Fighter (Seiya Kou)
      • Sailor Star Maker (Taiki Kou)
      • Sailor Star Healer (Yaten Kou)
    • Sailor Kakyuu (Princess Kakyuu)
  • Sailor Scouts killed by Shadow Galactica leader Sailor Galaxia:
    • Sailor Chuu
    • Sailor Coronis
    • Sailor Mermaid
    • Sailor Mau
    • Sailor Cocoon
  • Sailor Chibi Chibi
  • Sailor Cosmos

Evil Sailor Scouts

Sailor Scouts of the Solar System

  • The Sailor Quartet: captured & prematurely released/enslaved by Queen Nehellenia & her Dead/Dark Moon Circus
    • Sailor Ceres / CereCere
    • Sailor Juno / JunJun
    • Sailor Vesta / VesVes
    • Sailor Pallas / PallaPalla
    • Amazon Trio:
      • Fish Eye
      • Hawk's Eye
      • Tiger's Eye

Sailor Scouts from Outside of the Solar System

  • Sailor Guardians of the Shadow Galactica:
    • Sailor Galaxia: leader
    • Sailor Lethe
    • Sailor Mnemosyne
    • Sailor Phi
    • Sailor Chi
    • Sailor Theta
    • Sailor Buttress
    • Sailor Animamates
      • Sailor Iron Mouse
      • Sailor Lead Crow
      • Sailor Aluminum Seiren
      • Sailor Tin Nyanko
      • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
      • Sailor Pewter Fox
      • Sailor Titanium Kerokko
    • Phage
  • Sailor Chaos

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