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Wiseman is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.  


All that is seen is his glowing red eyes and beast hands the rest is covered with a hooded dark purple-black full-length cloak. He has a ring with a large gem on his right hand. and he holds a crystal ball.


Wiseman acts as an adviser to the Black Moon Clan. At one point he was a human being who lived in Crystal Tokyo and possessed dark powers which he used to unleash chaos to the populace and brain wash people to rebel against Neo-Queen Serenity.

Appeared to the Black Moon Clan from nowhere. With his clever way with words and cheap fortune-telling tricks he has completely emasculated Prince Demande. Disguising himself as Wiseman, Death Phantom pretended to help the Black Moon Clan.

Act 15

Wiseman advises Prince Demande to seize and destroy the Silver Crystal as soon as possible because it causes such misfortune.

Act 16

Prince Demande calls fourth Wiseman who agrees to keep Sailor Mars alive until the Prince has achieved his goals.

Act 17

Wiseman wants Prince Demande who wants to crush the Silver Crystal, to be patient.

Act 18

Prince Demande summons Wiseman who informs him as long as the Silver Crystal exists the Evil Black Crystal will never be unbreakable.

Act 19

When Wiseman believes the moment has come to strike down the Silver Crystal and its heir along with the impregnable castle, Esmeraude takes the assignment.

Act 20

After Esmeraude is destroyed, Wiseman and Prince Demande appear to Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Chibiusa Tsukino, Luna and Artemis to gloat over the apocalyptic version of 30th century.

Act 21

Wiseman watches Chibiusa through his crystal ball, he waits until she is alone in the space-time void and goes to her. Wiseman temps Chibiusa with his words, telling her she is lost with no where to go and no one loves her. Unless Chibiusa has an unwavering desire to leave the previous world, she could not have come to the far edge of the forsaken place. Wiseman tells Chibiusa he is what she has been seeking, someone who truly needs and wants her and she must come with him. Chibiusa takes his hand.

Act 22

When Prince Demande summons Wiseman he brings his newest minion, Black Lady who appears as black smoke. Wiseman instructs Prince Demande to take the Silver Crystal and crush the Guardians. Sailor Mercury attacks with her Shine Snow Illusion while Sailor Mars attacks with her Burning Mandala and Sailor Jupiter attacks with her Sparkling Wide Pressure against Prince Demande, but Wiseman blocks the attack and advisers Prince Demande to show them the power of his Invincible Evil Sight. Wiseman urges to kill them all and take the Silver Crystal. Rubeus questions Wiseman on his true identity so Wiseman destroys Rubeus with his Beast Hand. Wiseman attacks as Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter escape the Black Moon Castle.

Act 23

When Wiseman calls for her, Black Lady takes Prince Demande and Saphir through a controlled space to the Castle of Darkness. Wiseman fills in Prince Demande and Saphir on who Black Lady used to be. Wiseman attacks Prince Demande and Saphir to hypnotise them into obeying his every command. Wiseman now possesses the Silver Crystal from the 30th century but he notices something missing it seems no more than common glass, the light is gone, the power it contained is gone. Wiseman wants the Silver Crystal that Sailor Moon has so he will have both.

After Black Lady is exiled from the Crystal Palace when Sailor Moon, King Endymion, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus gather outside where Black Lady landed, she summons Wiseman.

Act 24

When Wiseman request Black Lady bring a fourth Malefic Black Crystal monolith to earth, Prince Demande realises Wiseman believes them all to be expendable. Prince Demande reveals that his Invincible Evil Sight protected him from Wiseman's mind control attack and he was never under the spell. When Prince Demande attacks Wiseman a rotten corpse is revealed. Black Lady summons the real Wiseman to show himself, Death Phantom.


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