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Zoisite is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


He has long wavy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and green eyes. His Shitennou uniform is grey with a green outline. Knee length black boots, a black belt and grey stud earrings.


Zoisite is a member of the Shitennou. He was the Knight of Purification and Healing in his past life as a knight of Prince Endymion. He is the lover of Sailor Mercury.

Act 3

When Nephrite wants Queen Beryl to give him the chance to gather energy and obtain the Silver Crystal, Zoisite questions him to on how he will do what he claims with the Sailor Guardians in the way. Beryl explains the means behind the Silver Crystal to Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite.

Act 4

All four Kings of the Dark Kingdom known as the Shitennou appear to Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to introduce themselves as servants of the Great Ruler. Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite inform the Sailor Guardians they want the Legendary Silver Crystal so the Sailors and the whole world will bow down before their Great Ruler. 

Act 6

Queen Beryl, Kunzite and Zoisite watch a report on via a crystal ball about Tuxedo Mask issuing a statement to the media claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to obtain a lost treasure known as the Legendary Silver Crystal said to be somewhere in Japan.

Now that humans know about the Silver Crystal and with not only the Sailor Guardians but Tuxedo Mask searching, Zoisite wants to take advantage of the situation.

He disguises himself as Dr. Isono and gets invited to speak on a television broadcast program to be interviewed about the Silver Crystal and she hypnotises those watching the program including Naru Osaka, Umino Gurio, Ikuko Tsukino, Yumiko and Kuri to find the Silver Crystal.

When Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive at the TV station, they witness Dr. Isono reveal herself as Zoisite. As they battle the Sailor Guardians demand he return the energy he has stolen. Zoisite attacks them with an energy blast. Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon join the fight. When Sailor Moon uses her Moon Stick to preform her new attack Moon Healing Escalation on Queen Beryl, Zoisite gets in front of Beryl to take the full force of the attack. When Zoisite is attacked, those under his mind control are released.

Act 7

Zoisite, still recovering from his wounds, is summoned by Queen Beryl. She believes Sailor Moon holds the key to finding the Silver Crystal, so Zoisite encrypts DVD's at Rental Shop Dark with hidden messages that brainwash anyone who watches them to find Sailor Moon and sacrifice her to the Dark Kingdom.

Once Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation to release the brainwashed humans, Zoisite arrives and grabs her from behind by the neck and demands to know where the Silver Crystal is hidden or he will kill her.  Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive and use their individual attacks together but Zoisite blocks and reflects the energy back at them, knocking all three to the ground. He demands the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon again or he'll destroy her friends. Tuxedo Mask arrives and punches him in the face and lets go of Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask tries to hit him again but Zoisite raises a force shield and blasts Tuxedo Mask to the ground. Zoisite grabs Sailor Moon by the arm, summons a large crystal and pushes her to the ground. Just as he is about to kill Sailor Moon with the large crystal, Sailor Venus throws her Crescent Boomerang smashing the large crystal and slicing Zoisite across his chest.

Act 8

After Artemis reveals Sailor Venus to be the Moon Princess and knows where the Silver Crystal is, an injured Zoisite teleport's from the scene.

Act 9

Jadeite believes he has seen Tuxedo Mask somewhere before, Nephrite agrees that he looks familiar, Zoisite thinks he knew him long ago but Kunzite denies any recognition.

Act 10

Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite watch as Queen Beryl takes a staircase none of them knew existed. She goes through a large double door and they discover who their Great Leader truly is. When Zoisite overhears Beryl discussing with Queen Metaria about the Shitennou having lost memories about their past lives a crystal glows on his forehead and Zoisite receives a flashback about being the Knight of purity and healing and laying down his life to protect Prince Endymion. Zoisite remembers he was reincarnated on Earth to find Endymion again but he and the other Shitennou's crossed paths with Queen Beryl and put under a spell before they could regain their past memories and used as sacrificial pawns for Beryl's own purpose. Beryl discovers the Shitennou are regaining their memories. Kunzite goes to attack her but Beryl taps her staff to the ground and energy strikes the Shitennou, hypnotising them again. Beryl orders them to destroy the Sailor Guardians and take the Silver Crystal.

After Sailor Mercury fights one on one to protect the Princess and the Silver Crystal with Zoisite, Sailor Venus explains that the Shitennou are not their true enemies. When the Shitennou attack the Inner Senshi, Sailor Moon retaliates by throwing her tiara at the Shitennou. The Inner Senshi combine their power together and use Sailor Planet Attack against Shitennou in order for them to recall their true selves but before the Shitennou can regain their memories they teleport away.

Act 12

After the Inner Senshi fly to the North Pole they enter a cave and come across the Shitennou who are stronger then before. The Inner Senshi have no choice but to battle them because they don't know who they are. When the Inner Senshi use their Sailor Planet Attack against them, the Shitennou remember their past lives as Knights who swore to protect their master Prince Endymion. When Queen Metalia destroys the Shitennou for rejecting the power of darkness the girls begin to grieve until they hear the voices of the Knights telling the Inner Senshi they still have a mission to complete and Sailor Moon needs help.

Act 13

Four stones fall from Tuxedo Mask's heart and the spirit of Kunzite appears to him. Kunzite informs Tuxedo Mask how to destroy Queen Metaria once and for all, the symbol on her forehead marks her core, strike her at her weak point with the Silver Crystal. When the spirits of Zoisite, Jadeite and Nephrite also appear to him, Tuxedo Mask realises the spirits were inside the four stones and they took the blow from the Sacred Sword for him, giving their lives for him just like they promised, his loyal Knights.

Act 18

Mamoru takes out his stones to communicate with Kunzite, Jadeite, Nephrite and Zoisite who have received a dark premonition. They are able to sense a strange distortion of time and space emanating from Black Crystal Earring.


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